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HPS is the largest manufacturer of dry-type transformers in North America. They engineer and manufacture a wide range of standard power solutions like custom transformers used in many different types of electrical equipment and systems. HPS supports industries such as oil and gas, mining, steel, waste and water treatment, and wind power generation. HESCO is an authorized HPS distributor with trained personnel who can provide technical support with competitive pricing on the entire HPS product line.

Control & Automation

HPS Control Transformers are Isolation Transformers designed to provide a high degree of secondary voltage stability (regulation) during a brief period of overload condition (also referred to as “inrush current”). These units are also known as Machine Tool Transformers, Industrial Control Transformers or Control Power Transformers.

  • HPS Imperator – Encapsulated for Industrial Machine Tools
  • HPS Spartan – Open Core and Coil for Light Industrial Applications
  • HPS Fusion – General Purpose Enclosed Transformer
  • HPS Q-Series – Enclosed for Industrial Machine Tools – Low Voltage
  • HPS MVC-Series – General Purpose Industrial Control Applications – Medium Voltage

HPS also offers Drive Isolation Transformers to meet the rugged demands of both AC and DC variable speed drives and also provide the required voltage change.

  • HPS Tribune – Energy Efficient Drive Isolation Transformers
  • HPS Standard Drive Isolation Transformer

In addition, HPS offers line reactors that can significantly enhance the performance, life expectancy and efficiency of both the motor and the drive.

  • HPS RM-Series – Input/Output Line Reactor
  • HPS RC-Series – DV/DT Filter

Motor Starting Autotransformers are combined with other controls to produce a reduce voltage starter.

  •  HPS 2A-Series & 3A-Series – Motor Starting Autotransformer

Potted & Specialty

HPS offers a lineup of units that address a broad range of unique and specialty electrical applications.

HPS Fusion – Transformer for Light Industrial Applications – Low Voltage & Enclosed

HPS Universal – Buck-Boost Transformer

HPS Lighting Transformer – Commerical Lighting Applications – Low Voltage

HPS PowerPlus – Mini Power Centers

HPS Autotransformers


Encompass Products

Rockwell Automation has developed a third-party product referencing program, called Encompass, which aligns Rockwell Automation with companies, such as HPS, that complement their product offering to offer customers the best solution to solve their application challenges.


To become an Encompass Product Partner, companies must complete a rigorous membership process and must be committed to the success of mutual customers.

The following HPS products are referenced in the Encompass Partner Program:

Industrial Control

  • HPS RM-Series – Line Reactor
  • HPS Tribune 1.2kV Class Energy Efficient Drive Isolation Transformer

Low Voltage Distribution

  • HPS Titan® 1.2kV Class Hazardous Location Encapsulated Distribution Transformer
  • HPS Fortress 1.2kV Commercial Potted Distribution Transformer
  • HPS Sentinel® 1.2kV Class Energy Efficient Distribution Transformer
  • HPS Synergy® 1.2kV Class Energy Efficient K-Factor Transformer
  • HPS Centurion® 1.2kVClass Energy Efficient Harmonic Mitigating Transformer
  • HPS SuperSentinel® 1.2kV Class Super Energy Efficient Distribution Transformer
  • HPS SuperSynergy® 1.2kV Class Super Energy Efficient K-Factor Transformer
  • HPS SuperCenturion® 1.2kV Class Super Energy Efficient Harmonic Mitigating Transformer

DOE 2016 Compliant TransformersHammond DOE 2016 Transformers

Low Voltage Dry-type Distribution:

  • 1PH 15-333kVA;
  • 3PH 15-1000kVA, ≤10kV BIL

Medium Voltage Dry-type Distribution:

  • 1PH 15-833kVA;
  • 3PH 15-2500kVA in 3 BIL Classes: 20-45kV, 46-95kV, ≥96kV

Liquid Filled Distribution:

  • 1PH 15-833kVA
  • 3PH 15-2500kVA

Medium Voltage Distribution

  • HPS Millennium 1.2kV thru 5kV Energy Efficient Medium Voltage Distribution Transformer
  • 1.2kV thru 44kV Class Medium Voltage Dry-Type Distribution (Power) Transformer

DOE 2016  Transformers compliant to the latest US DOE 10 CFR part 431


To meet the Canadian Energy Efficiency Regulations SOR/94-651 and the CSA C802.2 efficiency levels we offer the following product lines:

Specialty and General Purpose

  • HPS Universal 1.2kV Class Commercial Potted Buck-Boost/Isolation Transformer

HPS Encompass Brochure



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