JAKA Cobots

Jaka Collaborative robots, or ‘cobots’ for short, are leading the way in smart factory automation!

Jaka Cobots are compact, light, and built with safety and precision. They have helped hundreds of manufacturers automate their production lines and boost productivity. From welding to assembly, these flexible robot arms handle their responsibilities 24/7.

JAKA collaborative robots are designed with quick, easy integration in mind. There is no need to completely remodel production lines or spend weeks refitting manufacturing facilities in order for them to begin completing their desired tasks. These are a few features that make integration simple:

  • Physical Flexibility
  • Drag Teaching & Graphic Programming
  • Force Sensors & Force Control Modules
  • Remote Monitoring Vision System
  • Torque-feedback Collision Detection
  • Ingress Protection
  • Excellent Repeatability

Machine tending is one of the most frequently-used applications among JAKA cobot users. Collaborative robot arms tend quickly, accurately and consistently hour after hour, day after day, freeing up human workers from potentially dangerous, repetitive task.

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