Safety Services

Safety does not have to be a burden on productivity or a cost of doing business. Instead, it can be a powerful tool that benefits your workers, your operations, and your bottom line. Our People and Asset Safety Services meet these needs. We can help you ​protect​ employees and comply with the latest standards. We can work with you to find ways to improve safety and reduce risk while ​optimizing worker​ and asset productivity.

Arc Flash Risk Assessment (AFRA)

Arc Flash Studies provide an effective means to evaluate and inform employees on arc flash hazards when exposed to live electrical components. Arc Flash Studies can be conducted on existing systems, new equipment, or modified equipment to identify hazardous exposure risk and help employees stay current on industry safety regulations. Whether you are trying to meet certification standards, help protect workers or reduce downtime, and AFRA can help you achieve your safety goals.


Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) & Hazardous Energy Control

Hazardous energy control services provide you with comprehensive, digitally enabled lockout/tagout (LOTO) solutions. Our LOTO services can help you efficiently perform routine maintenance for all mechanical, pneumatic, chemical, hydraulic, or thermal equipment. We custom tailor a solution that meets your internal requirements as well as for applicable state, federal, and global regulations.

From audits and services to training and digitization, companies around the world recognize our LOTO solutions as the most efficient way to help keep their employees safe.


Standard Risk Assessment
  • Evaluation by Rockwell Automation safety engineer/consultant, limited customer involvement (typically operations/maintenance)
  • Evaluation report includes:

– Documentation of participants
– Identification of primary hazards/tasks
– Risk-in/risk-out rating
– Recommendations for safety improvements, such as: protective guarding; electrical safety controls; pneumatic/fluid power safety controls

  • Safety circuit performance requirements
  • Photograph of critical identified hazards (based on customer approval)


Team-based Risk Assessment

All features of the standard Risk Assessment (above) with the following additional features:

  • Team-based assessment facilitated by Rockwell Automation safety engineer/consultant
  • Your team of operations, maintenance, engineering, technicians, cleaning, sanitation, and safety personnel provide input during the assessment.
  • Basic risk assessment training.
  • Hazard identification during setup, normal and abnormal operation, sanitation/cleaning, maintenance (under limited energy), and emergency conditions.
  • Report documentation includes all elements from the safety evaluation
  • This service can satisfy the risk assessment requirements of safety standards such as OSHA, ANSI, and CE machinery directives.


Conformity Audits

Provides a high-level safety analysis of machine:

  • Conformity audit that analyzes guarding, components that perform a safety function, E-stops, lockout/tagout and/or isolation devices are identified and labeled.
  • Existing safety circuit estimation.
  • Prioritizes machines for further assessment.


Design & Verification

Our design services support the development of comprehensive safety systems that can include the development of Safety Functional Requirement Specifications (SFRS) and Safety SISTEMA Verifications. Safety SISTEMA Verifications review safety-circuit design for compliance to a specified Performance Level to help verify that your safety devices are properly applied to help protect personnel.

When a safety risk assessment has been completed, an SFRS can be used to review the recommendations. The SFRS can confirm that risk mitigation strategies are practical for your facility. When you develop the SFRS, a Rockwell Automation consultant will lead discussions with your safety, engineering, operations, and management teams. The discussions help verify that plans can achieve safety goals, enhance operations, and not impede production and maintenance.

The approved SFRS and specification is typically used as the basis for risk mitigation engineering design. The SFRS is used also as the basis for safety validation, which is the real test in the field that your safety system operates according to the projects and requirements.


Guarding Evaluations

Identify hazards and guarding recommendations for immediate actions.


Installation & Validation

Our validation helps you to confirm proper safety system installation and functionality. We evaluate circuit performance, fault tolerance, fault action, software logic, device application, and device function. We reset actions for all modes of operation. Our evaluation includes:

  • Safety circuit analysis
  • Machine stop time services
  • Conformance audits
  • Safety system validation


Machine Safety

As the largest global industrial safety provider, we help to reduce injuries and costs, while improving productivity.  We use a clearly defined process to help improve safety by identifying the steps that are required to assess and mitigate machinery risks. With an assessment, we help to evaluate plant risk and support well-informed decisions that improve employee and machine safety. Our thorough review of design and the application of devices improves overall safety. Verification that systems are operating within defined parameters and standards.