Consulting & Integration Services

We offer industry and technology-specific expertise to address your unique challenges. Through reduced project risk and solutions specific to your needs, we help you accomplish a profitable, safe, and sustainable operation.

Panel Design & Build

Design Build is an expedited process used in manufacturing and construction to improve project deadlines, reduce cost, and avoid a liability gap. Our solution has proven itself successful with customers who are looking for a one-stop-shop experience.


Digital Transformation Strategy

The road to greater operational efficiency and lower costs starts with a hard look at your organization in terms of where you are, what you have, and where you want to be.

Companies that have successfully moved past the pilot phase started by evaluating current and future business requirements, technology infrastructure, and organizational readiness. This holistic view can help define early on how to make digital transformation work for you and where to start.

With a business-first mindset, begin by identifying your biggest challenges, the underlying use cases, and key enablers, such as the technology, processes, and people that solve for them. Along the way, seek out partners with global OT and IT expertise who have been there before and can help you quickly identify and implement repeatable, scalable, cost-effective solutions.

With the right plan in place, successful companies have:

  • Articulated the ROI and value of digital transformation
  • Developed a clear strategy to improve KPIs like yield, asset and labor utilization, quality, and cost-effectiveness
  • Gained alignment and drove adoption across their organization
Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED)

More than a cost estimate, FEED comprises a project scope, budget, total cost of ownership, implementation timeline, and risk assessment. All these factors combine to help reduce risk and uncertainty during the detailed engineering and commissioning phases. This reduced risk can help create value throughout the production lifecycle.

Through a FEED, you can realize:

  • Lower lifecycle costs
  • Reduced project technical, schedule, and cost risks
  • Faster time to achieve plant startup and turnover
  • Reduced EHS and compliance risks
  • Improved risk identification and mitigation

FEED helps identify risks and establish a well-defined scope, budget, and schedule. A FEED study helps to lead to greater success during implementation, start-up, and beyond to minimize your overall project risk.


Project Management

Have you had a project spiral out of control? Do you need help to manage multi-site, international, or other large projects effectively? Do you need implementation of an information, control, power, and safety system? No matter how large or complex the project, our project management experience and domain expertise help us define, develop, and deliver the solution on time and on budget.

Modernization & Migration Engineering

Companies today are challenged to balance current goals and objectives with limited capital funding available to update an aging infrastructure. Aging automation technology is less reliable, with a shorter mean time between failures. Continued production with legacy parts increases your risk for limited product support and a shortage of replacement parts.

A Modernization Service Agreement helps minimize the risk of operating aging automation assets and enables you to upgrade to the latest technology on a predetermined time schedule. The agreement includes support, modernization, and program management for a fixed fee.

Your modernization agreement covers:

  • Engineering
    • Pre-engineering of systems scheduled for upgrade
    • Includes drawings, bills of material, and modernization schedule

  • Hardware and software
    • All required hardware for the system
    • All software and program conversions for the system
  • Configuration and start-up
    • Qualified field service professionals will provide any configuration needed for the installed system, plus start-up and testing.
  • Program management


Main Automation Contractor

Looking to reduce the risk associated with your large capital project? That’s what a main automation contractor (MAC) can do. Whether it’s a specific area like electrical or instrumentation, or more collaborative pursuits with third-parties, like integration of OEM equipment, we can help manage a little or a lot of your large project, while coordinating efforts with the EPC.