Hubbell Wiring Device -Kellems

HESCO is the authorized distributor for Hubbell Kellems and Killark for the Connecticut area. We maintain a local inventory for quick delivery and have access to the entire line of quality Hubbell products.

Hubbell is a leading manufacturer of high quality wiring devices, wiring systems, wire management, floor boxes and covers, raceway, interconnect systems and GFCI / Tamper-resistant products, and electric vehicle charging stations.

For more than a century, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has offered distributors, end-user customers and specifers the electrical and electronic wiring devices, wire management systems, and specialized wiring products and solutions needed for industrial, institutional, commercial, and
residential markets. Not only do Hubbell products and solutions make it easy to save time and money while ensuring consistency during installation – but they’re also designed with safety and energy efficiency as top priorities.
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Hubbell Wiring Devices-Kellems offers an array of electrical and electronic wiring devices, wire management systems, motor disconnects, safety switches and other specialized wiring products for industrial markets.

Download a datasheet on Hubbell Circuit-Lock® manual motor controllers by clicking download.  

Hubbell’s Insulgrip devices ensure high impact, heat, and chemical resistance while insulating current-carrying components from the user for maximum safety. Insulgrip’s cord gripping design clamps conductors, not just the cable jacket, making it the industry’s most powerful cord grip with superior strain relief. Each Insulgrip device is manufactured with roomy, separate wiring chambers to insulate conductors and an individually molded face to keep out dust and debris that can cause contamination over time.

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In addition to the industrial market, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems offers products targeted at the healthcare and educational markets.

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Hubbell Wiring Devices-Kellems are designed for superior water resistance and durability. For applications where a wet environment is the norm, like  water treatment facilities, food and beverage plants, agriculture settings, general outdoor applications and any other factory environment where wash-down processes are routinely used.

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