Rockwell Automation Fair in Boston

What is Rockwell Automation?

Rockwell Automation is an international leader in Industrial Automation with over one hundred and twenty years of combined experience. Rockwell Automation has a history of working with notable entities including; NASA, Allen-Bradley, and the United States Government during wartime efforts. The first product was a predecessor of a controller. Historically, some of the components have been used in radios, walkie-talkies, clocks, televisions, and computers. Interestingly, their products have literally been on the moon, collecting moon dust for scientific study.


What Products Do They Sell?

There are a wide variety of automation products sold and stocked by Rockwell Automation. As previously written, Rockwell Automation has their products used in many different industries. Their categories of products include but are not limited to circuits, drives, lighting control, relays and timers, power supplies, motors, sensors, switches and many more. You can talk to one of our knowledgeable account managers for more information on specifications to fit your projects.

What Should I Know About the Rockwell Automation Fair?

The Rockwell Automation Fair is lasting for four days from November, 6th to 9th, 2023. This event will be held in the Boston Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts. This manufacturing technology event will have industry experts, the latest technology, as well as networking events. There will be a wide range of opportunities for training as well as networking. There will be keynotes by speakers, an exposition, and sessions. If you plan to be at the fair, and would like to meet with our account managers, please email us directly. You can also reach out to your account manager. We look forward to meeting with our clients and potential customers!

490NBX-NNA1-D, TCP/IP and UDP/IP to Allen-Bradley PLC Gateway

How HESCO Can Help My Company

HESCO is the authorized distributor of Rockwell Automation products in the state of Connecticut. This means that for the state of Connecticut, you can only get Rockwell Automation products through HESCO. We have a wide variety of Rockwell Automation products. Any of our experienced account managers would be more than happy to help find the right product for your electrical solution needs. You can send an email to us, as well as call us at 860-236-6363. You can also order directly from our HESCO store.


Bonus Ideas for Enjoying Boston

Boston during autumn is a wonderful sight to see. You will notice a variety of yellow and orange foliage, along with views of the water. If you have time after the fair, take advantage of the city around you. Boston is a modern city with a lineage of history. There are many delicious restaurants to try, including the famous Italian food of the North End. Boston is also a very walkable city, with many historical tours by foot. You can visit Paul Revere’s house, Faneuil Hall, or stops along the Freedom Trail. Other fan favorite activities include; whale watching, a sunset cruise, Boston Common, Boston Public Garden, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Comment below if you are coming to the event, or if you have a favorite thing to do in Boston!